Kim Newman’s “10 Must-See Movies Streaming at TheHorrorShow.TV”{0}


Brian DePalma’s breakthrough thriller homages several Hitchcock classics – Rear Window and Psycho, mostly – in a genuinely innovative manner. It has cinema style to burn (including lots of DePalma’s favourite splitscreen), jittery counter-cultureish New York wiseass humour (the heroine is a journalist who wrote an article called ‘Why We Call Them Pigs’, which hampers her when she needs to call the police and report a murder) and an interesting set of mirror image antagonists in peculiar twins played by Margot Kidder (with a seductively odd French-Canadian accent) and nosy reporter Jennifer Salt. It has graphic shocks – including a Psycho-style stabbing – but also stretches of hallucinatory strangeness.

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