Kim Newman’s “10 Must-See Movies Streaming at TheHorrorShow.TV”{0}

Back when UK horror streaming platform TheHorrorShow.TV first launched, Kim Newman was on hand to introduce a special screening of White of the Eye in front of a packed audience at London’s Prince Charles Cinema. Now, Kim has taken a look at the nearly 300 films available to stream and/or download at the UK’s home of horror on demand, and has hand-picked a selection of must-see movies.

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Most limbo-set movies try to be mystifying for much of the running time before springing the – gasp! – surprise that the characters are dead, but the creepy, original AfterDeath satisfyingly gets the revelation out of the way at once and concentrates instead on an intriguing set of post-mortem mysteries as a small group of recently-deceased folks try to work out the rules of their afterlife and face what happens next. Co-directors Gez Medinger and Robin Schmidt manage a balance between ensemble drama – everyone here is good, with Elarica Gallacher and Sam Keeley standouts – and ominous, creepily-surreal use of an archetypal desolate beach as a shore of the afterlife.

Watch the FrightFest Presents presentation AFTERDEATH here.