Kim Newman’s “10 Must-See Movies Streaming at TheHorrorShow.TV”{0}

Night of the Living Deb

A breezy, small-scale zombie romantic comedy (zom-rom-com) from director-writer Kyle Rankin that avoids angst in favour of a sweet, light, genuinely charming tone. Red-headed ditzy Deb (Maria Thayer) hooks upwith out-of-her-league preppy Ryan (Michael Cassidy), just as a zombie epidemic breaks out in their town. The film pokes fun at zombie conventions, with the vegan, health-conscious hero unwilling to shoot infectees in the brain in case there’s a cure and a neat set of plot twists built on the fact that the infection-by-bite depicted in 90% of zombie movies is medically very unlikely (‘you’d have to have a gushing wound actually inside your mouth and even then …’).

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