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A riff on The Most Dangerous Game, complete with the obligatory scene in which someone steps into a man-trap, writer-director Christopher Denham’s neat, sharp little film has Wit Neary (Wrenn Schmidt), a citified vegetarian but not a dolt, taken to a wild life preserve by her yuppie-seeming husband Mike (Aaron Staton) and his perhaps-PTS-suffering veteran brother Sean (Pablo Schreiber). The brothers want to return to a woodland where they once played … though the area is chained off and its tourist centre abandoned and vandalised. The now-aimless, simmering Sean might have cause to envy his cellphone-addicted brother his career success and beautiful (just pregnant) wife. After a night camping out, the trio The party wake up to find their shoes stolen and masked hunters tormenting them, but Wit isn’t entirely sure whether she can trust the men she knows any more than the psychos she doesn’t.