Kim Newman’s “10 Must-See Movies Streaming at TheHorrorShow.TV”{0}

The Sand

Sadly, Blood Beach (1980) didn’t found a franchise and it took thirty-five years for another movie to have a man-eating monster lurk under a sandy beach. A bunch of college kids head to the beach for a wild graduation party and find themselves trapped by a tentacular creature that dissolves anyone who steps on the sand. Escape or survival methods are improvised using whatever comes to hand and regular foul-ups add to the body count. At one point, a beach patrolman (Jamie Kennedy) comes by in thick-soled boots which protect him for a while, but he’s more interested in haranguing the kids than being any help. Let down only by a CGI beastie, this is well-acted, smartly-written and nicely directed by Isaac Gabaeff to ratchet up the tension.

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