Kim Newman’s “10 Must-See Movies Streaming at TheHorrorShow.TV”{0}

The Pit

Also known as Jug Face, this finds writer-director Chad Crawford Kinkle tapping into a rich seam of American rural folklore with a twisted little horror-drama. A small community in the Tennessee woods worship ‘the Pit’, a regular watery hole in the ground, making periodic throat-cut sacrifices – dicated when a semi-possessed potter makes a jug with the face of the preordained victim on it – and receiving miraculous cures in return. Young Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) knows potter Dawai (Sean Bridgers) has put her face on a jug and works hard avoid being given to the Pit. Larry Fessenden and Sean Young chew scenery as the heroine’s domineering parents, who are high up in the cult but still prepared to sacrifice their offspring.

Watch THE PIT (aka JUG FACE) here.