At last! Fans of The Babadook can pre-order the official pop-up book of the film – as seen in this clip from the film – as a limited run of 2,000 copies will be produced at a cost of $80.

“We’ve obviously made the film,” say the filmmakers, “but we haven’t published the book yet. That’s what our campaign is all about. We’re here to publish that delightfully creepy book. And we need your help. It’s really simple. All you need to do to support us is order a copy of the book. We reach 2000 pre-orders? We get to make that book! And you get your own copy in the process.” If they don’t reach 2000 pre-orders – and mark our words, they will – nobody gets charged. But with 193 copies already sold, and 60 days still to run during the pre-order period, expect The Babadook book to hit 2000 pre-orders by about Wednesday.

For more information, and to snap up your copy, click here.