Fundraising the Dead: BORLEY RECTORY{0}

Crowdfunded creepfest Borley Rectory didn’t quite make its £10,000 target back in August, but that hasn’t stopped the people behind the film pushing forward with their unique animation project –and this week they’ve added a pretty special new perk to help them with completion funds for the production.

Borley Rectory will be an animated documentary about the house once dubbed “the most haunted house in England.” Actor Julian Sands provides the voiceover for the film, which stars Reece Shearsmith, a longtime Borley enthusiast. “It’s a story I’ve been fascinated by since stumbling across it in the Usborne book of Ghosts back when I was a young boy,” says filmmaker (and Fangoria contributor) Ashley Thorpe, whose previous films include ScareycrowThe Screaming Skull and The Hairy Hands. “The film is to be an exploration of the ‘haunting’s history’ created in a similar collage/rotoscope style as my previous animations. It will not only be an investigation of the facts but also a meditation on why this story – and hauntings in general – continue to fascinate.” Says Shearsmith, “The project oozes as much quality as it does evil. Borley Rectory is one of the great ghost stories. I needed to be part of it.” 


One of the new perks is ‘Spectral Etchings’, an exclusive illustration by Richard Wells, published in a limited edition of 100 – a STEAL at £35. “I loved his cast and crew poster for Ben Wheatley’s A Field in England,” Thorpe enthuses, “so to receive this piece of fan art was just mind blowing. Richard has kindly agreed to offer this to supporters of our little film so grab them before they go the way of the Rectory and vanish!”

We’ve already contributed, and if you’re interested in helping to bring this extraordinary project to fruition, we hope you will too. Find out all about the campaign here.