HOMECOMING Coming Home to TheHorrorShow.TV{0}

Homecoming, a new horror thriller directed by Todd Kniss, will make its UK debut exclusively on TheHorrorShow.TV on April 6. (And no, unlike our previous story, this is no April Fool.)

In Homecoming, Katie (Jeridan Frye) returns to her home town after the death of her grandmother. Her childhood friends plan a reunion and as they settle down in Katie’s grandmother’s old house for a candlelit night of drinking and sharing memories, they soon realise some memories weren’t meant to be unearths. Trapped, Katie and her friends (Jordan Belfi, Femi Emiola and Bo Foxworth) are left wondering who will survive the night.

Early screenings have generated strong buzz from critics:

“One part campfire story, one part thriller, and one part horror” – Oh My Gore

“It’s claustrophobic and scary as hell” – MoviesOnline

“It’s Halloween meets Stand By Me” – Horror-Movies.CA

“A unique thriller with multidimensional characters” – Pit of Horror

Homecoming will be available to rent or buy from April 6 at TheHorrorShow.TV

Homecoming Poster