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VOD platform TheHorrorShow.TV, the UK’s home of horror on demand, has unveiled a rash of new titles due to come on-stream at the only VOD platform dedicated to British horror fans.

Hot on the heels of recent releases such as The House of HimThe Ghastly Loves of Johnny XExtraterrestrialBedlamNightmareChastity Bites and The Culling, which collectively took our selection of horror films to well over the 250-title mark, come a number of other titles making their UK debut, including a number of exclusives.

House of Dust

Newly sweeping in to TheHorrorShow.TV is A.D. Salvo’s House of Dust, in which a group of college students exploring an abandoned insane asylum accidentally shatter canisters holding the ‘cremains’ of former mental patients. Inhaling the dusty ash filling the air, they’re soon possessed by the souls once held within them – including a convicted serial killer from 1950. Full disclosure: the reviews haven’t been terribly kind, but you’re not one to be swayed by other critics’ opinions are you? Course not.

Dark Summer

Monday sees the digital/VOD release of Paul Solet’s Dark Summer, described by critic Scott Weinberg as “odd, novel and compelling … a clever combination of familiar ideas, new wrinkles and well-timed scares”. Bloody Disgusting called it “a fine little creep-fest” and even The Guardian suggested that Paul Solet’s efficiently crafted, small-scale film … delivers a sly, sharp stab.”


Also coming on Monday is Homecominga new horror thriller directed by Todd Kniss, which make its UK debut exclusively on TheHorrorShow.TV

Katie (Jeridan Frye) returns to her home town after the death of her grandmother. Her childhood friends plan a reunion and as they settle down in Katie’s grandmother’s old house for a candlelit night of drinking and sharing memories, they soon realise some memories weren’t meant to be unearths. Trapped, Katie and her friends (Jordan Belfi, Femi Emiola and Bo Foxworth) are left wondering who will survive the night.


On April 13, we are proud to present the exclusive UK debut of Richard Anthony Dunford’s POV, an experimental, no-budget independent horror film, unique in that every second of the film is seen directly through the eyes of the lead character in real time.

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Zack’s loose cannon of a big brother decides to throw him a house party in the abandoned retirement home he’s currently refurbishing. The building has a history. The previous owner believed the residents had become demons that were out to kill him. As the party gets into full swing Zack’s friends fall victim to the same curse.

The Thing on the Doorstep

Adding to our growing list of H.P. Lovecraft adaptations, on April 20 comes director Tom Gliserman’s adaptation of The Thing on the Doorstep, described by Fangoria as “a very scary, beautifully made indie feature that perfectly captures that suffocating sense of dread that works so well on the printed page and offers excellent turns from its relatively unknown cast.”

Hooked Up

Coming April 27, Pablo Larcuen co-writes and directs this imaginative horror film shot entirely with an iPhone. Friends Tonio and Peter travel from New York to Barcelona hoping to hook up with two young and single Spanish women. After a wild night of partying they venture back to the house of Noemi and Katia. But when the girls start behaving strangely, the boys find themselves trapped in the house and forced to defend themselves from a demonic supernatural threat.

All of these titles – and more – will be available at TheHorrorShow.TV

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