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Review: III (2015)

Review: III (2015) {0}

From Russia with gore Horror and fantasy films have been a constant anathema when it comes to Russian cinema and the sheer suggestion that something involving impending peril could be considered as entertainment continues to be frowned upon there. Consequently, domestically produced genre movies remain condemned to the margins of the mainstream. Whilst savvy to(…)


Exclusive Review: BEDLAM (2015)

Exclusive Review: BEDLAM (2015) {0}

The ’60s was a time of turmoil for mental health care facilities, with many decrying the treatment of mental illness as being far more damaging than helpful. So extreme were some of these methods that many former patients banded with anti-psychiatric movements and even referred to themselves as ‘survivors.’ Whilst distorting mental patient “care” to inconceivable levels, writer/director(…)


DEMON SEEDS: 13 Must-See Horror Movies with Evil Children

DEMON SEEDS: 13 Must-See Horror Movies with Evil Children {0}

Everyone’s heard the horror stories: the sleepless nights, weapons-grade nappy content and sweeping life changes that happen when you bring a child into the world. Yet despite all the calamities every child brings with it, most parents wholeheartedly agree that having a baby is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Parenthood is always going to be an arduous(…)


OP-ED: 10 Found Footage Films Worth Finding

OP-ED: 10 Found Footage Films Worth Finding {0}

In 1999 The Blair Witch Project terrified audiences around the world and made an absolute killing at the box office. It was safe to assume that it wouldn’t be long before other filmmakers started jumping on the ‘found footage’ bandwagon – and they did.