ASMODEXIA breaks loose on UK DVD{0}

Asmodexia: Spanish for, uh… 

Travelling exorcists battle dark forces in Spanish horror Asmodexia, described as “a macabre tale of horrifying possession, religious extremism and paranoia,” set for a UK DVD release on March 28.

In the 2014 film, directed by Marc Carreté, n ageing priest and his granddaughter Alba roam the darkest corners of Spain as travelling exorcists, violently ridding children, mental patients and drug addicts of a malevolent infestation.  They pass through desolate, sun-bleached landscapes and long-abandoned buildings, ridding the afflicted of this unholy epidemic while counting down the days to a mysterious resurrection. Pursued by a shadowy cult with a sinister agenda, the duo discover that a mystery from Alba’s past may hold the key to salvation… or open the door to an unspeakable evil.

ASMODEXIA is released on UK DVD on March 28