An Early Christmas Present from FrightFest Presents{0}

The FrightFest Presents digital film imprint, a collaboration between the FrightFest organisation and Icon, with titles available through assorted digital partners, has unveiled its second wave of titles. Starting on Leap Day, February 29, the label will release two films per week for three consecutive Mondays, with The Lesson and Last Girl Standing as the first two, Landmine Goes Click and Curtain arriving on March 7 and The Unfolding and Emelie on March 14.

FrightFest’s Alan Jones told The Raygun, “Our initial slate set out the stall of what FrightFest Presents is all about and got the brand off to a flying start, thanks to its diversity and ability to deliver the shocking goods for genre lovers. Now we are building on that strong foundation with six more unmissable titles that once more shines a light on our market uniqueness and ambition to build a catalogue of first class chillers that is second to none.”

The Raygun also spoke to Icon’s Zak Brilliant about how the FrightFest Presents titles, the first batch included Steve Oram’s Aaaaaaaah! and rom-zom-com Night Of The Living Deb, had been performing since its launch earlier this autumn. “It’s early days, especially because of the way it’s reported,” he said, “but it’s a case of so far so good. Some titles are performing better than others, but we expected that. There were six different films, all released at one time, and we covered all different horror genres, and we’re beginning to learn which ones are doing better. The more distinctive the title is, as well as the quality, is a factor in it too.” That spread of different kinds of horror has helped, Brilliant said. “It’s important we have a variety on the slate. It’s certainly resonated out there, although there’s still work to be done. We have established ourselves in a short space of time and we’re now looking ahead.”