Secret Cinema Announces 28 Days Later{0}

Secret schmecret

Fans of London-set horror classics are quids in with Secret Cinema’s latest endeavour, screenings of Danny Boyle’s acclaimed 28 Days Later. The company’s screenings are known for deep set design and pre-film entertainment to invest you further into the world of the film, and 28 Days Later is a perfect time to show off their skills by presumably making every attendee flee from ravenous humanoid monsters.

Not only does it mark Secret Cinema’s first step into horror but also its nationwide launch, as London will be joined by another secret city to host the interactive movie experience. According to the press release, “Secret Cinema will create the ultimate immersive apocalyptic world, where only the most dedicated of zombie fans will survive.” The project has director Boyle’s support as well as that of screenwriter Alex Garland and producer Andrew Macdonald, so it all but guarantees a detailed and loving tribute to the movie. Says Macdonald, “Secret Cinema never fails to amaze with their experiences, and it’s exciting to see them tackle their first ever horror. London prepare.”

Fabien Riggall, Founder and Creative Director of Secret Cinema says: “Secret Cinema is excited to step into the world of horror with Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, a true British horror classic – we look forward to creating a suitably frightening and exhilarating experience. Secret Cinema’s expansion over the last nine years has been remarkable – we’ve now created experiences in New York and Berlin, as well as the many in London. But this will be a turning point for us as we embark upon our very first UK nationwide production.”

You can book your tickets now from here.