Leomark acquire THE LAUGHING MASK

Leomark acquire THE LAUGHING MASK {0}

Director Michael Aguiar’s indie slasher The Laughing Mask, scripted by Aguiar and starring John Hardy, Sheyenne Rivers, Gabriel Lee and Jeffrey Jenkins, has been acquired by Leomark Studios for digital, bowing on June 24th.


DARK WEB wants you!

DARK WEB wants you! {0}

Taggart Productions and Felt Films have teamed up with Latino-Review Media (LRM) for the horror/sci-fi series Dark-Web. The eight-part anthology series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young Cyber-security analyst and the trail of stories she leaves behind for her friends to unravel.


First look at zombie horror THE REZORT

First look at zombie horror THE REZORT {0}

Set in a world in which humanity has already won a war against an almost-apocalyptic zombie outbreak, The ReZort is a highly controlled zombie safari retreat with trained security personnel protecting the guests 24/7. That is until the resort’s security system is hacked and a computer virus crashes it, potentially unleashing thousands of bloodthirsty zombies back into the wild.

Starring Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Martin McCann, Elen Rhys, Claire Goose and Jassa Ahluwalia, The ReZort will be showing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.


Black Fawn Films reveal latest fear-flick LET HER OUT

Black Fawn Films reveal latest fear-flick LET HER OUT {0}

For many out there Blumhouse are the current kings of horror, however the more hardened horror fans know where it’s really at – the Canadian-based Black Fawn Films. Responsible for some of the best fear-flicks of recent years – films such as Antisocial, The Drownsman and Bite – Black Fawn Films have once again teamed up with Cody Calahan, director of Antisocial and its sequel (two personal faves) for their just-revealed “secret project” Let Her Out.


Review: THE FOREST (2016)

Review: THE FOREST (2016) {0}

Stars: Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Eoin Macken, Stephanie Vogt, Yasuo Tobishima, Noriko Sakura, Yûho Yamashita, Lidija Antonic | Written by Nick Antosca, Sarah Cornwell, Ben Ketai | Directed by Jason Zada

After her sister is reported missing, Sara (Natalie Dormer), journeys from her home in the US to Japan in search of her twin sister Jess, who was last seen heading to Aokigahara – the infamous suicide forest at the base of Mount Fuji. After a visit to the school where Jess teaches, the resourceful Sara sets out for the forest itself. Accompanied by a charismatic new acquaintance, expatriate journalist Aiden (Taylor Kinney), she enters the forest having been well warned to “stay on the path.” Forest guide Michi (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) keeps a protective eye on them both, but when night falls he cannot dissuade them from staying in the forest, and reluctantly leaves the duo to face the elements alone. Determined to discover the truth about her sister’s fate, Sara will have to face the angry and tormented souls of Aokigahara, who prey on anyone who dares come near them.

That sounds exciting doesn’t it? It was… back in the early 2000s when films like The Ring and The Grudge first hit the collective conciousness!



Stars: Robert Carradine, Mario Ceara, Katie Savoy, Akari Endo, Tony Evangelista, Mario Arturo Hernández, Rib Hillis, Alan Nadal Piantini, Conan O’Brien | Written by Matt Yamashita | Directed by Kevin O’Neill

jw-shark-v-pteraIf you thought it was only studios like The Asylum who were cranking out giant sea creature flicks for Syfy you’d be completely wrong – Roger Corman and his New Horizon Pictures are still producing the kind of cheap and cheerful monster movies that Corman made his name with to this day. Only unlike The Asylum, Corman and co. don’t seem to want to keep to just giant monsters… Instead they’ve cross-bred their monsters as time has gone on – no longer are they satisfied with plain-old Supergator, their first giant creature flick; nope they’ve brought us the crazy combos of Dinoshark, Dinocroc (who took on Supergator in 2010), Piranhaconda; and their craziest giant killer creature combination, Sharktopus.

Not one to rest of their laurels – or waste a good concept – New Horizon have taken their most famous creation and teamed him up against another dinosaur/sea creature mix, a la Dinoshark, in Jurassic Wars: Sharktopus vs Pteracuda – a film that is just a crazy and insane as the title suggests, only this time Sharktopus is the hero!

But how is this possible you may ask? Well the original Sharktopus was blown to smithereens, however that didn’t stop HER from giving birth to an offspring. Offspring that survived her mothers destruction, by floating away in the egg sack of all things, and is rescued from the ocean by waterpark trainer Lorena. Years later mad scientist Dr. Rico Symes (played with aplomb by Robert Carradine) lets loose his latest creation, the Pteracuda – part pteradactyl, part barracuda, – a new bio-weapon, programmable by computer don’t you know, in the fight on terror. Only his creation goes awry and he must enlist the “help” of Sharktopus to stop it. Only, as anyone whose seen any of these films, nothing goes according to plan and both Sharktopus AND Pteracuda wage war on not only each other but also the tourist and locals partying at the beach (in what is THE biggest Jaws pastiche ever seen in these types of movies).


Fright Rags get Evil (Dead) {0}

35 years ago, Sam Raimi revolutionized the face of independent filmmaking with the premiere of The Evil Dead. Fright-Rags commemorates the influential horror classic with an officially-licensed collection of merchandise dedicate to the ultimate experience in grueling terror. Explains Fright-Rags founder Ben Scrivens:

The Evil Dead holds a special place in my heart. When Tim – my childhood friend and now shipping manager – and I rented it one fateful night, we didn’t know what we were in for. It scared the ever-living shit out of us. Truly. It is an example of how good a movie can be when made for next to nothing. To this day, it remains among my top favorites, and I’m happy to say that no I longer have to cover my eyes when watching it.

A line of shirts designed by Justin Osbourn, Christopher Franchi, Coki Greenway, Christopher Lovell, and Scarecrowoven feature everything fans love about the The Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell as Ash, the Necronomicon, deadites, the cabin, ominous woods, and mayhem. Each design is available on unisex or girls shirts, while Osbourn’s art also comes on a baseball tee. The film’s iconic poster art is available on a blue heathered shirt. Custom-knit crew socks designed Joe Guy Allard include a pattern of cabins and chainsaws. Franchi’s artwork can also be purchased on an 11×17 poster for $10.

Check out a sample of The Evil Dead merch below; and you can buy it right here at Fright Rags.

KILLER DAMES Giallo Double Set For Blu Ray

KILLER DAMES Giallo Double Set For Blu Ray {0}

Arrow Video are no strangers to releasing the weird and wonderful of cinema, and particularly genre pictures, with wonderful packages, containing swathes of extras, considered remastered sound and picture and collectible packaging to boot, and with their upcoming Killer Dames double pack it looks like they will continue this fine tradition.


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